My cultural spa…

My cultural space looks like with my friends is talking about sports, drinking beer, and talking about beautiful women. We also enjoy the party here and there at a house or at the bars. At the University of Minnesota we enjoy the city as well as the Mississippi river, similarly in Democratic Education in the Cedar Riverside Neighborhood, “With the view of the Minneapolis skyline behind, located on the west bank of the Mississippi River” (Farrell). Our friends enjoy the scenic things of Minneapolis.

My cultural space with my family is a little different. We enjoy doing active things like skiing, hiking, and biking to name a few activities. We are able to enjoy the activities around Minnesota like being on Lake Minnetonka as well as doing things in Colorado because a family member has a house there. We go there every Christmas as a family and relish skiing and hiking together as a family. When were at the house in Colorado there are a lot of self made people who live out there or who have houses out there. This has created a cultural space in the neighborhood of entrepreneurs. My family has become close with some of these neighbors and they have a culture of their own.

The different cultural spaces I have experienced is with my family, friends, and places in the United States and Europe. For instance, I went to school in Connecticut for a year and the people there were mostly from New York and New Jersey. I had a culture shock due to the fact I was so used to “Minnesota nice” not “Jersey Shore.” The people there who worked at restaurants would ask “what do you want?” instead of “how may I help you?” Attitude was one of the biggest things that I had noticed when I was on the East coast. I also went to University of Denver for the fall of my sophomore year. I learned that they were a lot more laid back than any other place I have ever been to. All in all that was a great experience for me because I learned how to get along with all sorts of personalities and immerse into different cultures and bet along with other people.

I have also experienced the Italian culture for three weeks when I was younger. They have a culture mostly based off of religion. Everywhere you went there was a religious statue or painting. I have never met people who are so in tune with their spiritual side as well as their family side. It didn’t matter where they were because if they had their family or religion then everything was superb in their mind.

I also have a culture on facebook and twitter. If you were to look at either of my social networks you would realize a lot about me and who I am (at least on the weekend). Facebook is mostly used for weekend things such as pictures and who did what during the weekend. Whereas twitter is used for everyday occurrences like something funny that happened to you or a picture that you captured in the moment and felt like all of your followers should see what you just saw. I also think that everyone has somewhat of a different personality in each one of their “cultural spaces.” For instance, my friend is a mans man but when he gets on twitter and facebook he takes on this persona of a sentimental man. He shows his feminine side to his followers.

The next cultural experience is something that I have not yet had. I am going abroad on semester at sea next semester. I am visiting fourteen countries and learning on a boat for the next four months. I want to learn about each different culture. From Ireland to south Africa and morocco to brazil. I am excited to learn about how each country interacts and how the people of the countries interact with each other. I cant wait to see the differences between cities, countries and continents. There are so many countries that have different cultures on this trip and I hope to learn about each and every one of them.

I believe that learning how people interact while in person, with their family, or on social media is important. Some people have different cultural spaces in each of their own categories and some are the exact same. Whatever your cultural space is I encourage you to voyage off to explore someone elses!


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by | May 22, 2012 · 9:32 pm

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