Cultural Space-My perspective

My Understanding of Cultural Space

Cultural space does not have to be specifically tangible. While many things are that can be felt with senses, like the types of clothes worn, the types of foods consumed, or the language that is spoken, there are other aspects.  Things like identifying with a certain ethnic group, gender, or sexuality are not things that can be touched, but they have just as much impact on cultural space as some of concrete items.   All of these factors shape what cultural space is which, to me, is the physical and nonphysical spaces where one’s identities can be exposed without discomfort.

My Actual Cultural Space

 I think about where these cultural spaces are for me, I immediately draw my thoughts to my home.  My home is in Apple Valley which my husband and I bought about a year ago.  We have 2 very hyperactive corgis which I consider my babies with four legs.  Yes, I’m one of those crazies who adores the earth on which my pups walk.  My husband and I often joke that having corgis puts us in whole new category of “corgi culture.”  It’s kind of obsessive…in a really charming way, right?!? 

Also, related to my home, is the role I play in our family.  While I am a wife that has a husband that is the breadwinner, I am not, nor will I ever be, a housewife.  My husband, Sean, cooks; I clean.  He fixes things around the house; I mow the lawn and kill the spiders.  We don’t follow “traditional gender roles” because we are equals.  He is my partner as I am his. 

Another space that shapes my identity and culture is school.  I am a student.  Not just a student, but a 24 year old undergraduate student that commutes from the suburbs.  I don’t feel connected to a majority of my classmates because we’re in such different spots in our lives.  I am a boring, married, old lady that dulls them with exciting stories of new water softener and heater.  I imagined myself being done with school by now, but I don’t regret the time I took off because that is where I met Sean. I feel that the place where I actually reflect on my role in school is in the car.  There isn’t much else to think about in traffic other than reflecting on my adult life that gets sucked into this quasi-adult life every time I pack up to go to school.


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