Cultural Space …

Cultural Space

By textbook definition, this means “the particular configuration of the communication that constructs meanings of various places”.  But what does that ambiguous textbook terminology really mean? The answer to this question might be quite staggered depending on the viewpoints of different individuals. In my opinion, this term reflects areas, both tangible and intangible, where one feels emotion from people, places and events that are associated them. Whether the feeling is happy, sad, comfortable or not, one trait that remains the same throughout is that cultural spaces have some sort of meaning tied to them in one way or another.


Actual culture, in my opinion, is the strong association with people and, in some cases, areas of the world that have meaning to someone. Most times, with rich history and deep interaction between its people, culture can be formed into a very prideful entity.

Often times, though it is great, when different cultures are intertwined questions, and in some cases concerns come about from lack of knowledge of a new culture. Take the Muslim people of the Cedar- Riverside neighborhood, for example. While they have formed a fabulous culture within the Twin Cities, they have created a culture outside the norm of the area surrounding them. From this, they are often discriminated against or judged before engaging in any interaction. From experience, I have learned that it just takes one simple conversation with or a quick brush up on history of a culture outside of my own to understand that discrimination is not needed. Rather, I feel that if handled correctly, cultural diversity is a very positive thing.

 An overview of me

I am a young, small- town, Northern Minnesota, female. I take pride in coming from a very big family and a small community, both of which I hold very close to my heart. These cultural spaces are ones that are, perhaps, the most meaningful to me. While those mentioned are very special, other cultural spaces within my life are huge aspects as well. I now reside and go to school, obviously, at the University of Minnesota where I am a student- athlete (of course the student is always before the athlete J) taking my last course before graduation- scary business. These identities have provided me numerous cultural spaces that have a different, yet equally important, meaning. Being part of a team is, hands down, one of the best cultural spaces I have ever been a part of. Talk about a comfortable, meaningful culture engulfed with people who have the same beliefs, goals, desires and dedication as I do. I am very grateful to have many different cultural spaces that I can turn to in different crises throughout my life!


Now that I have understood and been part of the history, I find it important to pass on the virtues of each culture I am a part of. While I will, hopefully, forever have these cultural spaces to go back to, I want others to be able to experience the emotions that each can bring about as well. 


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