First Reflection Paper

      It’s not surprised to see a especially area, which mostly comprised of specific ethnical people in USA, like Japan town in San Francisco, China town in Chicago, Harlem market in New York City, also the west bank of UMN-TC. Minorities in America usually residents in specific living area that differ from whites, this makes them feel more comfortable, mainly because they share the same culture, they have different cultural space from other race. The concept of cultural space can well-explain the different meaning of nonverbal communication, people from different culture have their own understanding of the same nonverbal behavior, like the way to greeting, to express emotion, misleading sometimes caused due to they have various cultural space. Many environments, also affected by many factors, can form cultural space of people. According to the textbook, home, neighborhood and regionalism can have great impact over the formation of cultural space. Home is the earliest environment that build one of the identification, the sense belonging of us, also affect our attitude towards many thing in our daily life, for example, even I already get used my life in America also feel excited about the experiencing various fresh stuff, I never stop being homesick, always feel warm when I back to china in vacation, cause home bring me safety, security and relaxation. Cultural Space definitely decide who we are, our life style, also the way we communicate with others, however, it’s far more complex to consider one aspect, power, people and culture has close relationship to affect each other, for instance, as we talked about on the lecture, the tragedy 911 influence the neighborhood environment for Muslim people a lot, people from middle-east, north Africa and other district who are Islamic living in USA, the impression of Muslim has negatively changed a lot, the neighborhood community for Muslim in city became less populated, cause people tend to consider these place as dangerous area, therefore, the culture of the race less tolerated by people, can’t be promoted, because power of the dominant culture has power over sub-culture, cultural space was threatened. Regionalism also can be a significant reason for cultural space, refers people have loyalty to the specific region by holding, understanding their own meaning.  For instance, residents in Shanghai, china always tell others they come from Shanghai, not China, this can be seen as regionalism, these people have obvious cultural space. In my opinion, cultural space can be complicated and multidimensional, like I am a female, I have long hair, I am Asian, tend to more shy than white people, cultural space always connects with specific norms.

         More significantly, cultural space has great impact over our communication style, as the international students who studying abroad now; I have deep feeling about this. Like American students tend to be more bluntly and candidate, however, Asian prefer indirect way especially when ask for a request. The different way when getting involving group work can be influenced by cultural space apparently, Chinese students value cooperation and harmonious. I remembered when I took COMM 3605w, American students are really excited about debating project, almost everyone loves it, owing to individual opinion is highly value in American culture.

         Therefore, understanding of cultural space helps us better in intercultural communication, promotes various culture to flourish.


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