Marcy Holmes is…

Marcy Holmes is a historic location in between Minneapolis and the University of Minnesota. It is comprised of many businesses, neighborhoods, restaurants, and apartment complexes. As of late, Marcy Holmes area is a trendy place where affluent young professionals hang out and live. The demographic has changed as well as the development of the surrounding Marcy Holmes area.

According to, “Native Americans were the first residents of our area. To them, the waterfall on the river was sacred and no warfare was permitted while visiting them. Father Louis Hennepin, a Franciscan priest captured by the Dakota, is credited with being the first European to see the falls in 1680” (Marcy-holmes).

Imagine a Minneapolis without any buildings, where the Mississippi flows freely and there were Indians scattered around the area. That would be an amazing site to see and also their way of life would be even more interesting to see. They believed that the waterfall was sacred. Imagine the ceremonies that would have been taking place around that waterfall.

Later on, when people started to flow into the Marcy Holmes area it started to become a place of business for white men (Marcy-holmes). According to, “The falls became the center for logging businesses and by 1850 census records show the town of St. Anthony Falls with a population of 656. The first store was opened in 1847, at what is now Main Street and Second Avenue SE; the first frame houses were built in 1848 and the first school was opened in 1849” (Marcy-holmes).

Within a 150 years the Marcy Holmes area went from an Indian territory to a place of business. They changed the Indians sacred waterfall into a way to make money from lumber. They started to put up schools and develop the area where the Indians were residing long before the white people had come into the Marcy Holmes area.

I go and see movies at the St. Anthony movie theater quite often and never knew the meaning behind that. I never knew that it was apart of the Marcy Holmes area. According to, “Eventually the town of St Anthony Falls incorporated in 1855, and was later named St. Anthony. It merged with Minneapolis in 1872.  Fifth Street became the premier address in the city. It was home to flour manufacturers, lumbermen, merchants and other civic leaders who built the town of St. Anthony. In 1976 a portion of 5th St. SE was designated a local historic district” (Marcy-holmes).

This intrigued me because I have never known much about the history around the area but now I am learning that it goes back to before our nation was considered an independent country from the British. The Marcy Holmes area dates way back and it is a place that has a lot of history. The history behind Marcy Holmes is amazing. I believe that everyone who lives in Minneapolis, or even around the Twin Cities, should go and visit the area.

Nowadays, Marcy Holmes is considered the first neighborhood in Minneapolis. According to, “The city’s “first neighborhood” is now one of its hottest. Quiet, nature-filled streets by day, an urban entertainment scene by night, Marcy-Holmes is a welcome mix of old and new, traditional and trendy. Conveniently located between downtown Minneapolis and the University of MN along the Mississippi River, you’ll find many small shops, as well as an array of nationally recognized restaurants and art galleries here” (tcdailyplanet). It has been an astounding transformation of the surrounding Marcy Holmes area. From the beginning, the Native Americans worshiping the waterfall and inhabiting the land before any of the white people came. Then to the white people coming in and making the waterfall a place to make money from lumber. Then transforming it to a neighborhood and starting schools around the Marcy Holmes area. Then it has been transforming ever since the Native Americans have settled here. All in all the Marcy Holmes area is a place not to be missed by people who live here. It also is a place to bring people who are visiting the area for a couple of days.

It has a beautiful view of the Minneapolis skyline now but in the past Im sure it was a sight to see when there was only Native Americans, their colony, and the waterfall of St. Anthony.






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