Interview at The Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church

The Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church is one of the oldest churches in Minneapolis. Its history begins at 1849. Fr. Augustine Ravooux, pastor at St. Peter’s built a mission church in St. Anthony. By that time, the church was composed with mostly French and native Americans. This Catholic Church currently influences to the local community by the schools that built with a several times of remodeling, and eldercare for residents etc. Sera and I had an interview with one of the employees in the church. She was happy to have a interview us even if she was having some kind of gathering with elder people.


How long have you been living in St. Anthony?

well, I work here, but I live in St. Paul.

Then, how long have you been working for the church?

I worked here for 20 years, such a long time.

What do you do when you are not working?

I go to Mississippi river with my family, or go out for dinner.

So how is Mississippi river like? I pass Mississippi river many times when I’m driving, but I’ve never been to Mississippi river.

Well, this is the good time to visit Mississippi river. Nice weather… It’s a good place to walk, and spend your time. Many people come by, so I would say it’s a good place for the rest.

Can you tell me a little bit of history about St. Anthony?

If you see that picture (pointing at the picture of  Fr. Louis Hennepin), his a father of Fr. Louis Hennepin. We were named by him at 1680. We started as a Universalities church, but later, with renovation, the church became Catholic.


So people here are mostly Catholic?

I really don’t know about this, but I can there is a number of Cathedrals and churches.  I think there is a French Canadian church near St.Anthony. And I can tell that the churches here are built with their own nationalities.

That a long time. Since you told me you have been working here for 20 years, is there any big changes in this area?

Well, recently, many people are trying to move to near by the Mississippi river side due to its re-foundation and revitalization. I would say this is a developing area, and more and more people move to Mississippi river every year.

Here is my last question. So is business in St. Anthony doing well?

This are has been changed a lot. Business grew up at some points, but it ran down too. Historically, St. Anthony used to be a separated city with growing Mill industries. However, eventually, St.Anthony was incorporated with Minneapolis. Current businesses here are doing okay.

Thank you for  your time do you mind if I use your name on the blog? 

Yeah. Of course.

Thank you, I will just ask your first name for your privacy.

Oh, Okay, It’s Rosen.

Thank you Rosen

Jiwoong, Ryu, Sera Lee.


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