Marcy Holmes

Marcy Holmes is an area of historic value. It was originally an Indian colony where they would worship the St. Anthony waterfall. It moved on to become “a place of affluent and trendy people” says Brian Shaap, a civilian on the street.

Some of the things that the neighborhood is worried about is the amount of affluent people moving into the area. The reason they are worried about that is because of the rising price in goods and living spaces says Joseph, a person who has lived in Marcy Holmes for 12 years. These high priced living areas are the apartments in the Marcy Holmes area. Joseph said that since the more affluent young professionals have started to move in they have made the property value go up.

There are two parts of Marcy Holmes, the part where the affluent young professionals live and where the students of University of Minnesota live. The students live more toward the University of Minnesota campus. Paul, a employee of Dunn Brothers Coffee, noticed that, “new students” come into the coffee shop quite often. He also noticed that “a lot of students to come here to study and was rated one of the best places to study in the area.” Paul also said, “people return to the Dunn Brothers to meet up with friends and with the influx of the students has made the art around the store change as well.”

As I proceeded to walk around the Marcy Holmes area I ran into an elderly couple, Bob and Joanne, who had lived here for 25 years. They talked about what it was like in the Marcy Holmes area back then. They said, “There were a lot of homeless people around and it was not safe to walk around at night in the area.” They proceeded to talk about how the place had developed from when the first lived there. They said, “there were no walking paths around, the Stone Arch Bridge wasn’t even started to being built, and a lot of shops have closed in the last 25 years as well.” Bob and Joanne were a wealth of information about Marcy Holmes and I learned a lot from how the area had developed and become what it is today.

The Marcy Holmes area is full of historic landmarks with every turn you take. They have places like the Pillsbury Mill which is currently not being used for anything. That is why the “Minnesota based company Dominium received $200,000 from the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development to renovate the historic Pillsbury A Mill into affordable housing”, according to the Minnesota Daily (DuBois, 2012). This would create more jobs and also more affordable living space for people who want to live in the Marcy Holmes area. It is said that it will take $112 million dollars to fund this project (DuBois, 2012). According to the project manager, “Its going to need an awful lot of work to turn it into affordable housing” (DuBois, 2012). All in all the renovation of this historic landmark will be a small stimulus plan for the area. It also is a great way to use the historic landmark. “You’re both saving historic building and bringing something new to the neighborhood” according to Ben Heywood, executive director of the Soap Factory (DuBois, 2012). This will be a huge addition to the Marcy Holmes area.

In 2011, Marcy Holmes was ranked number four in Metro Magazines “top places to live in Minneapolis” (Metro Staff Team, 2011). It has many reasons to be on of the top places to live, it is a perfect place for commuters as it is within walking distance from downtown, and the living spaces range from condos, nice apartments, to converted mansions, just to name a few accommodations around the area (Metro Staff Team, 2011). Just listing those accommodations shows why this is one of the top places to live within Minneapolis. Another reason as to why Marcy Holmes is an amazing place to live is “This riverside hamlet is the birthplace of the city, and more than 150 years later it remains vital to the Twin Cities’ food, art and culture landscapes” according to Metro Magazine (Metro Staff Team, 2011). This shows why Marcy Holmes has been one of the best places for young, trendy, professionals to live in Minneapolis.

Marcy Holmes is and has been emerging as a place for people to live. As you can see with the renovations going on around the area, the top 10 neighborhood rating in Minneapolis, and the insider point of view, that Marcy Holmes is going to keep attracting people to the area.


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