Seward…a proud and close neighborhood that can’t be touched!

When many think about the Twin Cities, I think many of us see the bright lights, busy roads, and fast paced lives. Although a lot of that is true, we are missing such an important part of the city, such as its urban neighborhoods, that although they may be considered part of the city, actually are a night and day difference from one another. The Seward neighborhood is no exception to that, defining the very meaning of the quite but upbeat neighborhood in the cities.

“Live MSP” describes Seward as a, “diverse, vibrant neighborhood… [with a] mix of residential, commercial, and industrial areas [giving] the neighborhood the feel of an urban village within a large metropolitan area.”

In a newspaper article, published by the Star Tribune, they describe Seward as, “[A] home to educators, students, medical professionals and even government officials. It’s also a place where lots of low-income people live: More than a third of the housing units are federally subsidized, and only about one-third of the houses are owner-occupied.” They attribute the close community and support of their neighbors to this struggle, bringing them even closer.

The title of this article, Spotlight on seward neighborhood // it’s been called a suburb of minneapolis’ west bank area, says so much with saying so little. Most people believe the suburbs to be full of families with great jobs and quite living. Saying that Seward is like a suburb of Minneapolis leads me to believe that many of the Minneapolis people see this neighborhood much differently than other neighborhoods in the city. This must also mean that they believe it to be a nice area, which is exactly how the neighborhood wants to be portrayed.

Other stories presented to the media included the shooting and murders in the local market and also deaths of some of the more well known residents. I understand that the murders would make the news, but a particular article caught my eye. With the title, Seward won’t let shootings steal corner, says to me that although something very tragic happened, they would not allow this to bring the close community down. I was also very surprised to see articles written about “ordinary” deaths. Much like a small town, a death of a community member is important enough to be presented to all in the area through this large media source.

When I simply “Googled” the words, “Seward Neighborhood Minneapolis,” I was pleasantly surprised by the vast amount of information that was presented to me. This instantly made me think that this little neighborhood in the cities has much more to offer than I had thought.

The first thing that caught my eye was the Seward Neighborhood Group, obvious to its name, a neighborhood group that provides information to the public about its history and events, forms communication with its neighbors and provides them with information, and much more. This fabulous website is able to provide both of those with and without knowledge about Seward the ins and outs of the entire neighborhood.

With the formation of leaders to each committee, neighborhood safety, events and activities, and maintenance has been something that has allowed the community to thrive and keep their history alive.

As I already stated, they are very proud of their community and this committee proves this. I also got that feeling when I was search their website.

When questioning the type of people who are living in Seward and how they feel about their community, I came about this quote while visiting Live MSP, “If Seward were to secede from its surrounding neighborhoods, we would not only survive – without question – we would thrive. Seward has everything it needs to allow for all residents to fulfill every wish and every essential need – and will continue to develop in this direction!”– Annie [unknown]

This quote really spoke to me because it really shares the deep love and respect that many on the community members share for the neighborhood in which they call home. While living in the suburb of Woodbury, I have begun to question how many people can say this about the area that they live in.

It is this neighborhood and its people that allow a community to continue to thrive and grow, while its history remains with integrity untouched.






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