Contemporary context- Northeast Minneapolis

Within its old history and diverse culture, the Northeast neighborhood gets its complexity in social, political and historical structures. Articles pertaining to this neighborhood are not focusing one type of issue, but rather these are diversified in variety aspects.

The Northeast neighborhood Minneapolis is a quite peaceful place compare to other parts of Minneapolis, although its crime rate is increasing year by year. However, there is still a very few articles about crime; for the crime, it will be explained in detail in later part of this blog. In general, local newspapers mostly introduce about the current and upcoming events.

The first impression of Northeast neighborhood by looking at the media is that this neighborhood must be closely related to arts. Among the number of events listed in community or local newspapers, such as Northeaster, Arts relating events took a large proportion of events.  Although the population of Northeast is steady at 37,000 according to the statistic census from Northeaser, Northeast continuously stay active and diverse with a variety of events.

If search Newspapers in a little more detail, there are some problems in the Neighborhood. Some of them are the usual problems that I other cities have, but there are some problems that seem like unusual because its problem is occuring from the Mississippi river.

First of all,  as I mentioned, unlike other cities, with Mississippi river, Northeast neighborhood has unusual issues. The heart of Northeast, St. Anthony, is having a problem with keeping native fishes in Mississippi river. In the press “Bill would close St. Anthony lock to slow Asian carp” by Matt Herbert from Minnesota Daily, Ellison who is leading the House bill said:

“This bill is an important first step in combating this invasive species, and I’m proud that we’ve come together as a congressional delegation to take decisive action and to protect our environment and our economy”

Another problem is crime, which was mentioned earlier briefly. The Northeast neighborhoood used to have a very low rate of crimes. However, there has been a huge increase of crime, so it is not as safe as before. In a statistic from the City of Minneapolis, there were 6 crimes in Logan Park, 13 crimes in Sheridan, 3 crimes in St. Anthony East, and 4 crimes in St. Anthony West at November 2000. But in November 2011, there were 11 crimes in Logan Park, 10 crimes in Sheridan, 88 crimes in St, Anthony East, and 81 in St. Anthony West. There is a significant increase in St. Anthony East and West.

For instance, there was one dead woman recently found. According to KARE11, it was by shooting in Northeast Minneapolis on Wendsday, May 23rd, 2012.  She was late 20, she was moved to Hennepin County Medical Center, but, eventually, she died. This criminal activity proves how the neighborhood became more dangerous.

On the City- Data. Com, some anonymous web-users posted about Northeast neighborhood’s safety as although Northeast Minneapolis used to be safe, not like North Minneapolis which is well-known as dangeours and unsafe, it has been changed and it became more like North Minneapolis.

Due to its increasing rate of crime activities, residents in the Northeast neighborhood organized the Northeast Citizen Patrol (NECP). NECP currently receiving volunteers and supporters as a non-profit organization. They assist walking/biking groups in the neighborhood. The NECP is an all volunteer organization, so, again, it’s very important to have donators, volunteer workers, and supporters.

Lastly, there is one last issue that should be resolved to reduce concers of the residents. There is a problem with the waste facility. According to Don’t Dump on Northeast, the City does not have the proper heavy industrial zoning required for the type of hazardous and other waste collection tranfer processe it had propoesed to esatablish at a new facility at its chosen site at 27th and University in Northeast Minneapolis. As a lawsuit proceeding with in the idea of Don’t Dump on Northeast, the city fianlly admits the problems and will make a move to solve the problem.


The Northeast in media is generally artistic, diverse, and active within its interactive culture. Many events with different themes are enough to be interculturally communicating with people. Media is also helpful to advertise a vartiety of events on their websites and Newspapers. Local commnunity seems very interactive with the organizations and the residents. However, the raising crime rate, and other issues about the environment of Northeast Minneapolis are the huge problems that will need to be sloved. Within continuing its divers culture and active events, and solving the problems, northeast Minneapolis will lead the trend and continuously be the town with the historic and modern atmosphere.


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