We interviewed at least 5 people and collect the conversation below. It may not be exactly the same with the original conversation since my English is not so good. Sometimes, I need to “guess” what they are saying by context. But the main idea is similar. Matt is working in a supermarket. Molly is a kind old lady; we met her in a cafe. Jason doesn’t want to tell us his job.


Q: How long have you been lived in the community? What is the biggest change in the community during these years?

Matt: My family lived here for about 25 years. I grew up here. I can’t memorize what it was like when we moved here. I was only 2 years old, maybe. The community gets bigger these years. Many new families move here.

Molly: I lived here for two decades. We had no other choice at that time; houses in Phillips are much cheaper than in other neighborhood. It took about three months to get adjusted. Everything went well since we moved here. My husband’s company made a comeback. Although we have money to buy a house in other neighborhood, we chose to stay here. Everything is changing in every second. The biggest change? It’s hard to say. I prefer to say that new buildings. Like the new ASI.


Q: Do you mind talking a little about identity? I mean, do you feel your world view similar to others in the community?

Jason: Hey this is a hard question. I don’t know other people think. At least my brothers and friends are similar with me. We have the same interests. I don’t care what other people are thinking. You life is your lifestyle, man.

Molly: It takes time to be identical. I grew up in a middle-class family. My father worked for P&G. Childhood is a good memory for everyone, isn’t it? My husband owned a small company when we married. But the business didn’t go well. So we had to sell our old house and moved here. It was a very difficult decision. In 1990s, this neighborhood was not safe. I don’t know what to say when I met my neighbor the first time. But she was friendly and became my first friend here. I really appreciate her kindness. People in the neighborhood are very friendly. That’s why I chose to stay here. Now I can say I belong to this community.


Q: What’s your experience in intercultural communication in this community?

Matt: I have a Chinese friend. He also works here. I don’t think we have gaps because of culture. It is good to have friends who have different backgrounds with you. I learn many things I have never heard before from him. People in this community have different backgrounds. I met people of different culture every day. I like to talk with them. It’s interesting.

Molly: Susan is from Mexico. (Who is Susan?) Oh, Susan is my neighbor. She is very kind. I meet more friends via her. You can meet many different people in this neighborhood. I like it. I like to hear more things I can’t experience by myself. If you want to know more about intercultural communication, I strongly recommend you to visit the ASI. For me, intercultural communication is interesting. It makes the neighborhood more fascinating


Q: Do you think the community affects you? If so, can you share your experience?

A: Yeah definitely. Since my families stay here over 20 years, everything in community is part of my life, which influences me a lot.  I work here, even not really many whites live in Phillips, I got used to communicate, to know people with backgrounds. As I grow up here, attending school here, I never felt white like me is dominant race, staying with black people or Latinos seems natural for me. I am kind of enjoying my current life; growing up in such a quiet community let me feel comfortable, without many challenges.  —- By Matt

A: Honestly, I feel comfortable staying here, cause most people seems similar to me, Phillips makes me feel proud of who I am, no discrimination here. I am familiar about the culture, tradition here, the community bring me positive feeling about myself.  —- By Jason


Q: If you have chance to choose, do you want to raise children in Phillips?

A:  Not really, even thought I live here over twenty decades, I live longer in other place. I don’t think here is a nice place for children. Safety problems is my major concern, nothing is more important than is, right?  Criminal issue make me scared, we don’t often take a walk after dinner cause awful thing happens every week!  I’d like letting my children experience different culture, but not really much minorities, here is just too much.       —- By Molly

A:    I can do that. But you mean I can choose anywhere? Well… then not here I think. Phillips is fine, but not perfect definitely. I wish my children can go to better school, spend more time on studying and get a better grade, the stuff I didn’t get. But Phillips is ok, if kids like to stay here, I don’t want them feel different in other place then lose confidence. —- By Jason



Q: How do you like the development in Phillips? We know the community develops a lot.

A. I don’t see any thing bad about the change. For me, works in supermarket, of course hope the community can be more populous, I know lots of job are created, I like that. Even recently I thinking about get another job, a more interesting one, we got free job training center, which is really good. I never there’s other work I can do in Phillips before, but more choice for us now, life gets more flexible, you know, I mean Phillips is getting better now.      —- By Matt

A:  Development is always a good thing for young people, well… for old guys like us, I don’t see by difference, if there’s something I love, is the expansion of American Swedish Institutes, you guys may feel bored about that, I believe that’s the greatest place in Phillips.    —-By Molly


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