Race is not a topic to be afraid of…

Beverly Daniel Tatum’  “Why Are all the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria?” gives a good point of how is the perception and identity in race constructed from the early years to adulthood with a comparison between white and black. This book motivates to have thoughts about race more specifically. For example, in the case of blacks’ early years, children can easily notice that they look different, and, during the adolescent period, although they don’t realize the racial problems, they eventually become aware of the differences between majorities and them as experiencing some crucial impacts of races. As a result of this periodical happening, blacks feel the gaps and, sometimes, it will lead to anger in them. Lastly, they internalize all the thoughts of races they have, and it becomes one’s racial identity.

 If Beverly Daniel Tatum’ hypotheses of the identity construction is true, there should be a good treatment that could make better interactions between these two groups. Since it is obvious that there is a color difference on them, they need to accept the difference. However, it doesn’t mean that colored people have to be apart from the majority group. Within good answers of parents from the questions about the races children have, the gap between the races will be reduced and alleviated.

Then, let’s look at how to talk about race. As many people aware of, discussing about race is very tough. However, in my view, race is in need of being discussed to open ethnic groups’ minds and eyes. Here, I mean discuss, not just unnecessary talk. Just talking about races unnecessarily could make other ethnic groups’ feeling bad, and it is rude.

However, since it is still a sensitive topic for everyone, people need to be little more cautious when they choose the space and when they spit out their words. For example, talking about race with family at home is definitely fine. However, if race is being discussed in the public placed like buses or subways, it becomes a very inappropriate topic due to its sensitivity. But, by discussing about race, people can increase the probability of breaking their racial/ethnic stereotypes and prejudices they have.

To sum up, to minimize the gaps between ethnic groups we need to discuss about race. The whole purpose of discussing should be to solve the problems, but not complaining at each other. For this reason, race is the topic that should be talked or discussed with their peers, families, colleagues etc. It not common and still sensitive, therefore it gets little harder to get started. However, if this culture sets in a good and right way, later it could play a crucial role as a solution of racial/ethnic problems.


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