When asked, “Why is it difficult to talk about race?” there are two opinions. Why it is and why it is not. I believe it is tough to talk about race for a couple of reasons. Those reasons being, it should not matter what your race is and the second reason is that people should not be limited to their race, religion, and culture. Although it is tough to talk about, it is necessary to talk about sometimes.

Race is something tough to talk about because you are bunching together people of the same skin color and saying that they all are alike. To start off, no one person is the same. There can be similarities such as skin color, religion, and where they come from, but no one person is the same.

There are two things that the author of Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria talks about,  those are prejudice and racism. According to Tatum, “Prejudice is a preconceived judgment or opinion, usually based on limited information” (Tatum, 5).  These prejudices usually come from stereotypes that are based off of knowledge that is taken from small events.

The next thing Tatum talks about is racism, he states racism as “a system of advantage based on race” (Tatum, 7). Racism and prejudice are two reasons why we should talk about race. The reasons being that if people have misconstrued information about a race then they are more likely to be prejudice toward that race and often racist too.

Another few questions being asked is, how should we discuss race? In what spaces? With what goals?

I believe that we should discuss race in a manner of respect. You should not be disrespected for the way you were born. No one can help who they are and what race they were born as. So why would someone be persecuted for something that they cant help?

I believe that race should be talked about in spaces where there is racial tension. If there is racial tension between two people would they hate each other if suddenly one day they were both the same race? I also think that race should be talked about in the schooling system. It should be mandatory for people to take a intercultural class and be exposed to other races viewpoints in a safe environment. This could solve some confusion between races and why they act the way they do.

I think that race should not be talked about in a professional environment. I think that because it should not matter what your race is if you are looking for a job. The best person available for the job should be chosen. For instance, when Obama was elected, a lot of people were talking about his race. You don’t ever hear anyone talk about the previous presidents races. It should not matter what race you are.

The goals that people talking about race should be to show that race doesn’t matter. It shouldn’t matter. The world can be an unfair place but race should not play a factor in that. The goal should be to make everyone equal no matter what color skin you have.



Tatum, B. (1997). Why are all the black kids sitting together in the cafeteria?. (p. 294). Basic Books.


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