Contemporary Context of Summit –university Neighborhood

My visit to the Summit-university neighborhood, the 8th district of St. Paul, Minnesota, was one of the amazing moments that I will remember. The Summit university neighborhood is located close to downtown St. Paul and it lays along the Mississippi river. As  the summit –university planning council website  stated, ( ), there are four sub-neighborhoods in Summit-university neighborhood “Aurora/St. Anthony, Rondo, Ramsey hill/Cathedral hill, Selby-Dale”.

The north boundary extends until university Avenue. The south side of this neighborhood reaches the summit Avenue, which is the boundary between the summit hill neighborhood and summit-university neighborhood. The west side of Summit–university neighborhood extends to the Lexington parkway.

The community seemed is quiet and peaceful,  open, and nice.  The summit –university neighborhood is well constructed community, which interacts a lot. As I go through in the community, I observed diverse community that live peacefully and interact well each other.  As the media called “Twin city daily planet” indicated, this neighborhood is always referred as promising neighborhood, www.tcdailyplanet.  Thus, this neighborhood is considered the most difference community in the St. Paul area. It contains different ethnic groups such as Hispanic, African – Americans, Asians, Somali, and Caucasians.  Each of these ethnic groups has its own language  and cultural value.  Although there are great diversity exist in this community, it seems that the community is still growing.

It is so amazing how this diverse community can interact in order to build up such strong community. This community is usually referred as the promising community. What made this unique is interaction between members of the community. Although such difference exist this neighborhood, they still communicate, and discuss their issues. The community has a board community that meets the last Thursday of each month, where they discuss the important issues of the community such as the education, safety, sanitary (recycling, community clean up).  They also discuss the  issue about the neighborhood that need to be discussed at city level.

The above picture is community members that are in a meeting.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    The education becomes one of the most important issue that brings the community together and well discussed. The community has eight public schools, three private schools and some  colleges: College of visual arts and   St.Paul technical college.  Sanitary is also another issue that the community concerns and discussed mostly. They have volunteers, recycling program as you can see the below photo.

Another issue that the community discusses is safety issue.  There  are different local news in this neighborhood;  electronic news and  print news that was published by Summit- University planning council and    quarterly news papers ,The front  Porch an the Print addition .   Although these news papers dont emphases that much  about the crime of this community,  you call tell that there is a lot crime in this neighborhood,  as the conversation that we had  with two residents of the Summit-University neighborhood indicated, they said  that there many police in the neighborhood which may be related the safety issue.  Both of these persons indicated and emphasized their concern about the police that are moving around in their community each day.   When I visited the, a  local crime alert  news,  there were many crimes that were happening in this neighborhood such as robbery, assault, vandalism,  theft,burglary and so on.   The community has monthly newsletter which they also discuss the issues in their community .    despite these crimes , this community is always referred as promising community as  the news paper called Twin Cities Daily Planet stated. The community its self  sees peaceful    and the crime seems to be decreasing.   The  Twin city  news paper also indicated how  this neighborhood is  connected to the rest of the city www.tcdailyplanet. Economically, this neighborhood is very diverse.  Most minority and immigrant groups living in this community are low income people.  There are also  middle class people who live  in a big houses.

The community has many social events that increase the community interaction and intercultural communications such as, restaurant night and book reading. The restaurant nigh is a night where Ramsey Hill association committee meets with other neighborhood members in one of the neighborhood restaurant once a month. Another social event is book reading club which helps the neighborhood to be well informed to adapt the current social changes.  The community also is expecting the construction of a railroad in the neighborhood which may increase the transportation.

One of the most interesting this neighborhood is the historical buildings. There are also many other historical churches and buildings in the neighborhood.  One of the well-known historic church is cathedral church (the above picture), which was built in 1914.

Another important historical building that deserves to be mention is the governors house (the above picture). It is located the boundary between the summit- university neighborhood and the summit hill neighborhood. This building was originally built as a family house in 1912.  But now it is a place, where the Minnesota governor resides.   These historical builds are considered the most important and amazing historical buildings in the USA where a lot of people visit each summer. These historical places are usually open for visit between the months of June and July (

Although this neighborhood does not have bid malls but they have small markets (Mississippi marker), small restaurants, and bars. Some of the most famous businesses at this neighborhood are a Piece of cake baker, and Nin’s coffee. .Most of the businesses in this neighborhood lay along the Selby Avenue and it the place where most community interactions occur.


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