What About Race?

The topic of race tends to be a touchy one from time to time depending on your level of comfort with the people surrounding you. Though often times it becomes a fabulous ongoing debate between people of all different areas of life, it is one that, I think, gets overplayed more than it should. In my opinion, race should not be a discussion that creates such an argument. Rather, we should view each other as people of the universe, all tied together as one regardless or your ethnic background or skin color. I feel this will be the best way to combat the decreasing level of racism throughout our nation. Though dismissing race is not all that realistic, when and if it is brought about in discussion, I feel the topic should be treated with a sense of respect. For instance, in Beverly Daniel Tatum’s book, Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria, she notes many encounters with her young child questioning the skin tone of herself and other people. Tatum does a tremendous job parenting her child and responds in a way that supports the diversity of people around the world by teaching and reiterating that skin color does not define a person. To me, this is exactly the way I would like to go about discussing race, when and if it ever comes up. 


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