Do we still need to pay attention to race?

             Racism is always the issue can’t be talked casually in most people’s mind, so do I, it also keeps “hot” in American than the any other country in the world, as I was in China, racism don’t exist. Cultural diversity in America can be most significant in the world, according to Wikipedia, in this country, about 68% of population is non-Hispanic Whites, and 12% of them are African American or Latinos, 4.4% are Asians, also other minorities, like Native American. Therefore, race problem can never be avoided in America whether people want to talk about it or not, because the national demographic in American is different from other country, racial issue exist here in various forms. Psychologist, Beverly Daniel Tatum, PHD, she states the reason why she believe racial issue should be talked by people, in her book “Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria?” She illustrates many people are doubting the necessity for discussing racism,

          “ I mentioned that I would be teaching a course on racism.” “She replied, “oh, is there still racism?”

           “But in fact, in almost every audience I address, there is someone who will suggest that racism is a thing of the past.”

            What Professor Tatum is correct, some people believe racism is already solved in USA, however, I think there is still lots work to do about it, and never should be ignored. Of course the problem is much better than previous, compare to the old south in America, things look much positive now, however, now we have different form with racism, it’s more invisible and sensitive, so it’s more necessary to talk about race in current USA.

              Actually, it’s still hard for many people talk about race bluntly, especially in class, facing people who are not very familiar with. For me, I am not American, so most time I feel comfortable to express my opinion toward racial issue objectively, for African American and Latinos, maybe much harder to talk about this than me, because they experience this more than me. It’s normal than people don’t want to memorize the history they don’t like, to mention the unfair treatment they experienced, many minority people choose to ignore racism rather than confess their feeling. But I also believe race is not a confortable topic for whites either, it can be as sensitive for them as for minorities, they take the risk of public outrage and blame for discrimination when talking about race, due to whites are always “master” through the history, they never experience unfair treatment because their race, currently, I don’t think many whites are supporter of racism, adversely, most whites seems very nice, but it’s more dangerous for them to talk about race.

              Like Professor Tatum mentioned in her book, the form of racism can be a gradual, obscure process, she gave an example about Native America, many children have no idea Native American until they are told “Indians”, cause they never interact those people in their life. Therefore, discussion for race need a very positive environment, prejudice, the former state of racism should be prevented as early as possible. 


Beverly D. Tatum. “Why Are all the Black Kids Sitting together in the Cafeteria.” 1997.


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