Background Report #2- Contemporary Contexts

After last visit to the part of Northeast Minneapolis, especially St. Anthony West and Logan Park area for research in order to feature the voices, knowledge, and experiences of residents, I made it to there again so as to get to know that area a little more if possible. The weather was so nice that I forgot for a moment that I came here to do a project.

It was about only a week ago that I visited this area but it looks fairly different for some reasons. As if I were a resident, I met and have short conversations with a few people- around 7 or 8-besides a couple of interviews. Northeast Farmers Market was open in St. Anthony West and a group of people that was seen to be an athletic team at school was playing baseball in Logan Park.

St. Anthony

Waiting for a traffic signal in a car in St. Anthony West which is an urban area, I found there were a lot of people in the streets. It looked pretty busy. Fortunately, Northeast Farmers Market, which was 9th season, was open near Ukrainian Catholic Church-University and 7th Ave. NE-so I could get a chance to see many residents when I got there. People from different area were selling diverse locally grown products, pasture-raised beef and pork, eggs, and other farm fresh foods, plus there were special visits from guest artists, non-profit organizations. People are interacting and communicating with one another while looking around within the market and it was really like a living community. I didn’t get any chance to talk with market-visitors since they were so busy shopping there but I figured out that many sellers are not residents of St. Anthony West.

NE Farmers Market was advertised in Northeaster, a newspaper for several areas including Northeast Minneapolis, and this market event seems to make a success annually. In this newspaper online, moreover, a bunch of local events are posted for neighborhoods other than this one. Nevertheless, by interviewing a couple of neighbors in part of this area, I found out they have similar concerns or issues that they care about- crimes; traffic; economy like jobs. Despite this area would try to establish more intimate community, it is hard to find any societal articles in the newspaper regarding real concerns of the residents. Instead, residents living in the neighborhood have access to write their any kind of comments or thoughts they would like to share with in Opinion section of a newspaper.

One thing all interviewees mentioned in common in terms of major concerns was ‘crime’ things. Even though a manager of one Lebanese Deli said a rate of crime here is not that bad, St. Anthony area is kind of urban which means it needs to guarantee more security. For similar reasons, Northeast Citizens Patrol (NECP) was founded in 2005 so as to keep residents secured and encourage them to report suspicious criminal activities to the police. According to NECP, Northeast crime rate is growing so fast that more donations and volunteers needed.

Logan Park

After a very short-time moving, I arrived in Logan Park neighborhood. As a part of Logan Park area, I spent some time in Logan park (within a neighborhood) and had an interview also. Near the entrance of the park, you’ll find it was established in the late 1880s, which was surprising since it doesn’t look like that old at all. It is small one but playground, a pool which seems to be built quite currently, plus recreation center for camping.

Just one word is enough to explain this small community- peace- since not many people are living there compared to St. Anthony West and a majority of people were either riding a bike or jogging or walking with dogs. One Native American I came across strongly said that he loves Logan Park so much and doesn’t have any complaints against this area even though he has been living there for 20 years. Furthermore, he wanted many people to move into here so that they can feel peaceful wind.

It was really interesting to see and look around Northeast Minneapolis with taking more time and also had fun there by myself. This Northeast area, especially St. Anthony West is well known for immigrants from Eastern Europe or Middle East. That’s why several Catholic churches with domes were easily found during research. Northeast Minneapolis is such a blend of historical and modern aspects. You’ll see how dynamic this area contemporary is and will experience diverse cultures by intercultural food, events, etc.


NE Farmers Market


Northeast River District


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