Power in Money and Numbers

The way I view power is the party who is able to leverage what they have to gain more. I believe that there is power in knowledge, numbers, and your voice but I also believe that money is an enormous aspect to having power in the world.


The power in Marcy Holmes has shifted a couple of different ways over the past few centuries. It has shifted from a Native American community all the way to now affluent young professional and student housing.


To start, the Native American community had power over the land now called Marcy Holmes. In this area they would worship the now called St. Anthony Falls water fall (marcy-holmes.org). It was named St. Anthony Falls by Father Louis Hennepin a white Franciscan priest (marcy-holmes.org). That is a demonstration of power right there. The Native Americans worship the waterfall and then a white man comes in and decides to name it something of his religion. This shows who had the power in the relationship between the Native Americans and the white settlers.


The next thing that happened was the Native Americans were pushed out of their land and the white people took over where they were living in the 1800s (marcy-holmes.com). The white men used their power to push out the Native Americans because they wanted to use their waterfall for their logging business (marcy-holmes.org).


The demonstration of power was amazing because they took the Native Americans sacred waterfall and turned it into a way to turn profit. So they built a city around the river because it was prosperous and people were starting to move into the now named “Marcy Holmes” neighborhood (marcy-holmes.org). The power had shifted indefinitely.


According to an elderly couple, Bob and Joanne who lived in Marcy Holmes for 25 years, said that “For a while the Marcy Holmes area wasn’t safe for people to be walk around alone at night because of the homeless people”. The power of the area was taken over by homeless people until it started to become more developed. When more places to live became available is when the area became a better place to live. The power started to shift to people who can afford to live in the neighborhood.


A question about power, “How does the contemporary political, economic, or social context of this neighborhood potentially influence how we understand power as operating within relation to this neighborhood?”


Nowadays the people who live in the vicinity are students and prosperous young professionals. The social reason that the students have the power in the neighborhood is due to the fact that the University of Minnesota is right next to the community. The social reason that the trendy young professionals live there is because of the community. The power comes in numbers for each group of people living in Marcy Holmes.


The economic reason that students live in the area is due to cheap student living. There are many places for students to live that they can find for a cheap monthly cost. On the other hand, if someone was looking for a more expensive place to live then they could find one. The economic reason that the young professionals live in the are is that there are nice places for people to live who make a good income and enjoy being around youthful people. For instance, the Pillsbury A Mill is being restored for people who want to live in a nice place that is pretty affordable (DuBois, 2012). The power is in the location to the city for people working because it is within walking distance to the city.


When asked about, “How might we understand the relationship between culture, power, and context in this neighborhood?” there are one thing to talk about and that is the power in numbers. The majority of people who live in the area are either students or professionals who are just starting out in the work force that have money. The power that they have as a community is large because of the amount of them who are here. The population is growing too because of the upcoming apartment complexes being built and remodeled. The Pillsbury A Mill is one of them as well as ([…] plans for a five story, 57 unit apartment complex […] to be constructed on the now vacant lot at the corner of Fourth Street and Eighth Avenue” (Sudeheimer, 2012).


In conclusion, throughout the history of Marcy Holmes, the power has been shifted from Native Americans to white settlers out for a logging business and finally to students and young professionals. The people in power around Marcy Holmes, has been determined by money and the number of people living in the area for centuries.


DuBois, A. (2012, April 18). Pillsbury a mill to be converted into affordable housing. Minnesota Daily. Retrieved from http://www.mndaily.com/2012/04/18/pillsbury-mill-be-converted-affordable-housing


Sudheimer, N. (2012, April 04). 4th street apartment plans move forward. Minnesota Daily. Retrieved from http://www.mndaily.com/2012/04/04/4th-street-apartment-plans-move-forward




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