Second Conversation

Q: Do you have suggestion for Phillips community? In other words, are there any aspects you are not satisfied with the neighborhood?

A: Even Black and Latinos can really live happily here, cause they got lots of people with same background, they don’t feel hard at all in communicating, as I lived so many years here, I would suggest there should have language institution, having voluntary whites people to teach English for children in Phillips, they need a better English environment, need to get more experience in communicating with whites people. I am not saying they should learn how to get well along with whites, but the environment for children should be more healthy and comprehensive, not just interact with people having same race.    —– Molly

A:  The neighborhood needs more attention from police station; they can let it be the ignorance area. I don’t see the patrol car in Phillips, cause it’s absolutely dangerous for you going out in the evening, I don’t like this point, yeah.. it’s definitely not easy to solve the criminal issue I know, but more attention from police makes me feel safer.     —– Matt


Q:How do you like the expansion of American Swedish Institution,  do you think it’s necessary?

A:  Honesty I don’t see why there’s an expansion about this, I mean the protection and support for historical museum is good. But American Swedish Institution is good enough, also, I don’t see many people go there; it’s not a popular place. I support the maintenance of the museum, but not expansion, not like this, government should apply funds to other place, after all, there is so many things can be improved in Phillips.       —– By Jason

A:  Well, if you ask anyone like me, the spring of the immigration from European, I guess you will get the same answer, Yes, I feel happy about the expansion of American Swedish Museum. Especially more and more people here are blacks or Latinos now, the museum is my favorite place in Phillips actually, for my age, I can visit there almost for free!  I love going there, it’s the place means a lot to me, for all the spring of European immigrants, it’s the place full of memory and brings us the splendid, real history, how the first immigrants live in new continental? We can see the life of our grandparents, that’s really impressive, American Swedish Museum bring you a distinct experience which is different from any other places in Phillips, it’s so special. And I am so glad for the attention of government; they are preserving the valuable memory.    —– By Molly


Q: What’s the action by government or change you believe influences Phillips most?

A:    Recent years, much influential company like Wells Fargo locates in Phillips, also many others. I believe this is also a policy from government, which aims to promotes economic development in Phillips, more importantly, creating more jobs for Phillips residents, decrease unemployment rate. This make Phillips reactive, more vibrant obviously, as I work in super market, we got better business since these multinational companies started business here. Boom in economic development definitely change people’s impression for Phillips.

—- Matt

A:    I guess you know there is only one neighborhood in Phillips, now we got much more than before. Residents actually still consider only one. The expansion in boundaries changes Phillips a lot, the community became even more diverse than before, I am kind of like that.                                       —- Jason

 Q: What do you think is the most special characteristic of the Phillips Community?

A:  It’s hard to answer this question. I grew up here; everything is ordinary for me. I don’t find anything special in this community since I’m so familiar with them. If I have to choose one, the answer might be the Minneapolis Pioneers and Soldiers Memorial Cemetery. I know many heroes of the states are buried there. They fight and died for American people. I think we do need such a place to cherish the memory of them.  — Matt

A: I prefer to say peace. (Q: Peace? I don’t understand. Peace is the opposite of war. Was there a war?) I didn’t mean that. You get some misunderstanding. When you live here, you feel relaxed. The Phillips Neighborhood is in the city, but it is somewhat out of the city. Before my family moved to this neighborhood, I have experienced too much bad things. The Phillips Neighborhood is not a place filled with rich people. The rent here is not high. You don’t feel too much pressure when you live here. You can restart your business here. Neighbors here are enthusiastic. I experienced many interesting things I had never experienced when I was young. I like the Phillips.          — Molly

Q: The report says crime in this area is a big problem. What do you think of that?

A:  Actually it is a big problem. I have seen the Minneapolis crime map. I know crime rate keeps at a high level. To be honest, I feel worried about this. It is a big reason for me to move out. I am looking for a new place now. You should consider about safety especially most of your family members are female. My daughter is going to elementary school next year. I need to find a good school district for her. And safety will be extremely important for me.


A: I did read this kind of report in last century. I don’t care about it too much now. I took the high crime rate as a big problem when I was young, but now I won’t worry about it any longer. In fact, it is not so scary like the newspaper announced. Crime is a problem in most neighborhoods. It’s impossible to find a place without crime. For safety, you just need to be careful. Most crime occurs on person who are careless and off guard. As I said, this neighborhood is peaceful. A small problem won’t be a big trouble.    —– Molly

Q: How do you think the neighborhood will be in the future? Just make a prediction.

A:   Well, I’m not good at forecasting. I think there will be more Asian people in this community. You know, the Asian population seems to increase every day. One of my neighbors is Asian immigrants. They are from Laos or Vietnam, I can’t remember clearly. They told me many of their friends were willing to move here. It could change the community greatly.                                  —- Matt

A:  The neighborhood will get bigger and bigger. And there will be people from more different backgrounds. I think the neighborhood will be more interesting.   — Molly


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