Background Report #1 — History

The Twin Cities area is rich with history. Some of this history is well-known, embraced, and celebrated; other history is “hidden” or forgotten, tucked away in the folds of time.

The forces of history and culture are intimately connected; we can understand nothing about the contemporary context or culture of a given community or neighborhood if we do not first understand its history.

The goal of this first background report is to begin to understand some of this history. Scouring the web and the dusty shelves of the city’s and university’s libraries, we seek to compile some of this history. Emphasizing the circumstances of a neighborhood’s founding, the neighborhood’s historical relationship to the city/cities, and changes in boundaries and demographics over the years, we strive to provide a historical contextual lens through which to view the contemporary context and culture of a given neighborhood.

These reports will be about 750-1,250 words in length, and will utilize a diverse range of print and online sources.

Expect these reports on or before Thursday, May 24, 2012.

The instructor will evaluate these reports based on:

  • Sources (diversity, quantity, quality, credibility, etc.): 5 points
  • Comprehensiveness (of discussion/analysis of historical information): 5 points
  • Complexity (of discussion/analysis of historical information): 10 points
  • Quality of writing/design (e.g. images, formatting, etc.): 5 points

Total: 25 points

Other forms of written evaluation and feedback is encouraged from classmates and those of you out there on the web that happen by our posts.


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